I believe in designing WITH people, not just FOR people.

                 Hi, I'm Michael McBride. I'm a graphic designer and

                   marketing coordinator. My objective is to visually showcase a

                       company or individual's purpose, inspiration, and all around

                        awesomeness. My skills include print ad design, logo design,

                     website design, brand identity, product design, packaging

                    design, social media coordination and design and more.

                  Many of my ad designs have been featured in such magazines

                as Boutique Design, Interior Design, Restaurant Development +

              Design, and Marine Fabricator.


                                      Fun facts about me. I am a superhero nerd, that

                                      is probably evident from my traditional art section.

                                        My favorite types of books are horror thriller.

                                           My top two favorite authors are Christopher

                                             Buehlman and H.P. Lovecraft. I am a husband,

                                               father and wearer of eccentric button-ups.